OUESD Site Tech Specialists!

(Binary Code Translated:  You Rock!)

OUESD Site Tech Specialists!

-Thank you to our WONDERFUL new Site Tech Specialists!!  They are a fantastic place to start if you have any tech questions or need some tech help.  They also serve on the OUESD Tech Advisory Committee and, along with input from each site, will be helping to shape the technology path for our district.  All of our Tech Specialists ROCK!

How To Change Your Password On Your OUESD Computer and OUESD Email

How to Change Your Password:  For Your OUESD Computer (network account) and OUESD Email

We all need to change our passwords at least every 90 days.  There are three things to keep in mind before starting:

  • When you change the password on your computer, it automatically changes your email password too!  But it doesn’t work the other way around- you must start by changing your computer password.
  • In order to change your computer password, you must be on a district computer at a school site or the District Office.  You won’t be able to change your computer password at home, on a personal computer, or off site.
  • When you change your password, you’ll also need to change your password on your phone.

How to Know What Version of Windows is on your Computer

How to Change Your Password (Windows 7)

How to Change Your Password (Windows 8.1)

How to Change Your Password (Windows 10)