Google AR Pioneer Program Visited O’Hara Park!

O’Hara Park was selected by Google to participate in its Augmented Reality (AR) Pioneer Program!  Kudos to  Justin Baffico, who organized a wonderful day as more than 600 students got to experience the AR component of Google Expeditions before it’s released to the public!

If you’d like Google to bring this program to your site, please use this SIGN UP FORM (the more requests Google receives from a site, the better the chances of being selected).

Google’s AR Program also selected Oakley Elementary and will be visiting there on Dec. 19!  Woo hoo!!

Google Maps Street Views Adds Images From Inside Volcano

For those of you studying volcanoes this year- be sure check this out!

“Today, for the first time, Street View is going beneath the surface and into the heart of the earth…” (Google Maps)