Add Digital Stickers to Student Work (using Docs, Keep, and Drawings)!

All students (even older students) need positive feedback.  Teachers are famous for putting stickers on papers, but how can we add a sticker to a Google Doc?  It’s possible with this idea by Stephanie Filardo to integrate Google Docs, Google Keep, and Google Drawings!  Be creative and have fun (and consider sharing your stickers with staff members)!

“Starter Pack” of DocStickers (Stephanie will continue to add more to this folder)

This video will show you how to make your own DocStickers (using Google Drawings) and Stephanie is also sharing a Google Drawing Template (be sure to make a copy of this to your Drive so you can make edits).

Easily Add Standards To Your Google Doc Lesson Plan (or Common Feedback Comments to Student Work!)

I love this idea by Juli Boucher at Flipped Technology Coaching!  It’s another cool example of how to merge notes in Keep (for example, CCSS) into your Google Docs (Lesson Plans).

She also mentions that Eric Curts tweeted that this same concept could be used to easily add common feedback comments (kept in Google Keep) onto student work (Docs, Slides, anything!).  LOVE that too!!!

Take a look at how it’s done (in less than 3 minutes)~

MashUp-Google Keep with Google Docs: Adding Standards to Your Google Doc Lesson Plans

Google Keep is HERE- Check it Out!

Google released a cool update recently!  Users can now integrate the notes they take with Google Keep to their Google Docs (and vice versa)!


What is Google Keep?

Log into your OUESD Google account and go to to create unlimited notes and reminders that you can access anytime, anywhere, on any device!  The notes are super handy (a great tool for student research or gathering bits of info to use later in Google Docs!).  And the reminders are amazing too- My family all adds to a shared grocery list note and then a reminder pops the list up every time I enter a grocery store!  Google just upgraded this app to be one of the core G Suite apps!

For more information and to get started, click here!

Check out the latest OUESD Tech Adventure- Google Keep!  Sign into your Schoology account and take a look!  Our district has earned 149 badges so far, let’s keep it going!

Tip:  Be sure you are logged into your OUESD Google account when completing any of the Tech Adventures (not a personal Google account), so that you’ll be able to access everything!