Have Some Winter Fun with These VERY COOL Google Lessons by Eric Curts

Build a SnowmanUsing Google Slides, students can easily create an awesome snowman and then write about it.

Check out the complete instructions here, or use the templates below and explore!  (You may need to open the template and make a copy, then share that copy with students).

Build a Snowman Template

Build a Snowman Template 2 (Snowman doesn’t move, may be easier for younger students)


Wintertime Magnetic Poetry–  Just share this Google drawing link with your students so they can drag and drop the “magnetic” words to create winter wonderland poetry (just like we used to do on the fridge!).  View the complete instructions here, or just the explore the template- Wintertime Magnetic Poetry Template Link  (You may need to open the template and make a copy, then share that copy with students).

How To Force A Copy on Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drawings

Sometimes, you may just want to quickly share a file with the class (maybe a template or a chart?) and make sure each student has their own copy.  So you send out the link and ask the students to go to File –> Make a Copy, but inevitably there’s always a few who miss that step and then suddenly you have several students editing the original file!

You can prevent all of that with this easy trick to force all users to make a copy of the Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Drawing before they access it (and it will automatically be saved to their Drive!). These directions will show you how to do that in just 6 steps~

How To Force a Copy in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets or Drawings

You could also do this by creating an assignment through Google Classroom (and make a copy for each student), but this tip is perfect for those time that you don’t want to go through Google Classroom and you just need a quick way to get the job done!

Embed Videos into Google Drawings (and Google Docs)!

Plymouth Public Schools Ed Tech, Joli Boucher, made a really cool discovery recently!  She found a way to embed video into Google Drawings (which could then be inserted into a Google Doc)!!  Here are some step-by-step directions, and, if you prefer, her video explaining it all is below too.  Try it out!

It’s a two part process:  the first part is to insert the video temporarily onto a Google Slide.  The second part is to copy and paste the video from the Google Slide into a Google Drawings.


Part 1:  Insert a video into a temporary Google Slides deck and copy it:

-From Google Drive, click on the blue “New” button (top, left)

-Click on “Google Slides” (You’ll open a new Google Slides, but only to get the video)

-Click on “Insert“, then “Video

-Search for the video you want (either from a YouTube search, by URL, or one that is saved to your Google Drive) and click “Select

-Then copy this video by holding the CTRL key and the letter “C” at the same time (CTRL + C)

-Once copied, you can then close that Google Slides window (click the little “x” on the right side of the Google Slides tab)


Part 2:  Open a Google Drawing and paste the video:

From Google Drive, click on the blue “New” button (top, left)

-Click on “More”, then click on “Google Drawings”

-On the canvas Drawing area, paste the video by holding down the CTRL key and the letter “V” at the same time (CTRL + V)

-The video now appears on your Google Drawing!  You can resize it and move it anywhere on the canvas.  If it’s too small, users can always click on the “full screen” button in the lower, right hand corner

-To play the video, double click it.

Tip:  Don’t forget that you can insert a Google Drawing into a Google Doc!  Which means you could insert a video into a Google Drawing, and then insert that Drawing into a Google Doc!  Imagine that- video embedded into a Google Doc!!!  When the user double clicks on the video in the Google Doc to play it, it actually opens up the Google Drawing, but it’s still pretty cool seeing the video ready to play inside of a Google Doc!