Where’s Waldo? In Google Maps!!

He’s playing around on Google Maps, but just for this week only!!  As part of this year’s April Fool’s fun, Google has modified Google Maps (maps.google.com) to include a search for Waldo and four of his friends all around the world!

Students will have fun sprucing up their geography skills while also practicing their mouse skills and paying close attention to details.  What’s not to love about Waldo?  Good luck!

Geo Tools- Let’s Explore!

Thank you to all of the teachers who invited me into their classrooms to explore our Google Geo Tools:   Kelly Torres (LES), Julie Swan (VES), Alyssa Trop (LES), Katherine Johnson (DVS), Sharelle Dalida (OPS), Sara Lacaba (VES), Stephanie Cookson (GES), Janice Chrobak (AGS),  Sue Grandin (LES) and Amanda Merrill (VES).  Amanda’s students got to see my FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) so they also saw my persistence when I returned the next day!  🙂

We had fun with Mystery Hangouts (video chat puzzle with other classes around the world), Mystery FlipGrids, Virtual Tours/Expeditions (including Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, the depths of several oceans, the International Space Station, and more!), created digital maps (CA Regions), took 360˚ pictures, completed an Amazing Race Breakout, and more!

If you’d like to explore Google Geo Tools, I’d love to come to your class too!  I’ve worked out most of the kinks (knock on wood!), but can help support your curriculum in many ways.  Email me for more info or sign up for your preferred date/time (select the green dot, “Geo Tools”) and I’ll be there!