Let’s Review Google Share Settings

This week, let’s review how to set the Google Share settings.  Understanding these settings and using them correctly is important to keep our files secure.  Please look over this doc and let me know if you have any questions!

A Review of Google Share Settings

Dealing with Startup Repair When Restarting

First, I’d like to give a “Shout Out” to the amazing OUESD Tech Dept~

  • Renee Stewart, Director of Technology
  • Carla Secor, OUESD Technology Specialist
  • Cameron Weisse, OUESD Computer Technician

They’ve been so cool to give my desk a spot in Room 4, and I get to see firsthand how hard they work to bring the “boxes and wires” side of technology to all of our classrooms, students, and us!  They do so much “behind the scenes” and “backend” work to keep everything running and improving.  When you see them around your site, please let them know you appreciate them!  Thank you, Tech Dept!!

And here’s a Cool Tech Tip from Carla regarding Windows Startup (thanks, Carla!):

We should all try to avoid it, but there may be times when your laptop (or desktop) is improperly shut down- especially if your battery runs out before you realize it, or power was interrupted!

When you restart your computer, you may see this screen:

It often defaults to “Launch Startup Repair”, but if you know why your computer shut down improperly, then it is fine for you to use the arrow key and select “Start Windows Normally”.

Launching the Startup Repair could take about 45 minutes to complete (and is necessary if you’re not sure why you’re getting this message), but if you know the battery ran out or there was some other power interruption, then save yourself some time and select “Start Windows Normally”.

Google Slides Updates: Embed Video from Drive, Select Start/End Times, AutoPlay and Mute!

Heads Up!
Google has just released some cool updates for Google Slides!

When?  They are in the process of rolling out these updates to all users, but we should be able to access them within the next couple of weeks (maybe sooner!).

Be on the “look out” and be sure to check how we can soon~

  • Embed video from Google Drive (not only YouTube)
  • Select the video’s Start and End Times
  • Engage AutoPlay (so the video will play automatically when viewers reach that particular Slide in the Presentation).
  • Engage Mute (to play the video without any sound)- perfect for students to narrate “live” when giving Presentations.

Check it out~


Google Slides Updates