PledgeCents Makes Sense- Sign Up for a FREE account (code: cwhitmire327)

Have you wondered if there is an alternative to Donor’s Choose?  Well, there is!  The company is called PledgeCents and was recommended by another teacher in the County Tech Subcommittee who had used it before.  The cool thing about PledgeCents is that the funds are sent to the district and the teacher receives all of the money raised (minus their 3% fee, which is less than Donor’s Choose) regardless of whether your project was fully funded or not.  AND you can spend your project in a variety of ways (not only from the approved vendors at Donor’s Choose).  Also, they don’t use a point system.

They are fairly new and trying to get the word out, so right now, PledgeCents will donate $1.00 to my project for every teacher, school employee, or PTA/parent who creates an account with my code (cwhitmire327).  That’s it!  You don’t need to create a project or do anything else- in fact, you could just create an account, sign out, and never think about it again!  But you would be helping to fund a project for our district and we would be so grateful!!!

Please consider creating a free account at PledgeCents with my code (cwhitmire327).  Here’s how:

In case you’re wondering what my project is, I’m currently raising funds to host the first OUESD Kids’ Coding Symposium in the Spring- a tech conference by and for elementary students! The breakout sessions will be led by specially trained 5th and 8th grade girls, demonstrating that girls have a meaningful place in computer science as tech leaders!  We’ll also be emphasizing accomplishments made my women in the STEM fields.

I’m hoping to raise enough funds to purchase at least 18 Sphero robots, 18 Makey Makeys, and any other hands-on tech tools I can get (as well lunch and some “swag” for the symposium participants, like stickers, t-shirts, etc.).   Find out more about the Kid’s Coding Symposium here and please spread the word!   This is my Google Innovator project and it’s exciting to see it starting to come together!

Thank you for your help!  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Christina Whitmire
District Ed Tech ToSA, OUESD
Twitter:  @EdTechChristina

Hour of Code Update- We’re Amazing! :-)

Woo hoo!!!  OUESD is once again showing how AWESOME we are!! 

Currently, we have  94 teachers from all schools reporting that they are participating in the 2017 Hour of Code, logging more than 4,350 student hours of coding!!  That’s truly incredible and our students are LOVING IT!!!  Thank you!!!

I’ve also heard from other teachers who are participating but weren’t sure how to let us know~

**Please just fill out this short form here so you and your students will be counted in our grand total~


It’s not too late!  If you’d like to participate~ 

**EVERYTHING you need is HERE**

Online Activities:

Offline Activities:

  • More than 20 offline activities that you can print and share with your students, anytime, anywhere!

The 2017 Hour of Code!!

What is hour of code?

The week of December 4th-10th is the “Hour of Code” (also Computer Science Education Week) sponsored by  During this time students around the world will get an introduction to computer programming. Students (or teachers) will choose how to spend their Hour of Code through game-based activities on a computer or “unplugged” activity.

The goal of the event is to promote computer science skills now and as an option for future careers.  The Dept. of Labor states that computer science is one of the highest-paying industries and fastest growing industries (more than twice the rate of other industries).  Currently there are almost ½ million open computer jobs nationwide (and the Dept. of Labor expects that number to double in the next few years).

Watch an introduction to the Hour of Code here:

How it Will Work?

**EVERYTHING you need is HERE**

Scroll down the document to find links to TONS of online activities and 22 offline activities.

During the week of December 4th-10th or ANYTIME in December, teachers choose ONE HOUR to dedicate to the Hour of Code (it’s optional).

●        There isn’t a specific hour for the Hour of Code- it can take place anytime in December (ideally during the official week of 12/4-12/10) and you can break the lessons up into smaller increments–as long as the total number of hours adds up to at least one hour).

●        You can choose any activity for your classroom to complete.

●        It can be done with or without technology; individually, small group or whole class; with buddy classes or outside; it’s completely up to you!

●        All online Hour of Code activities are self-guided and do not require accounts/signing in/signing up for activities.  They also do not require any prior knowledge of or experience with coding.  It’s fun!

Participating in the 2017 Hour of Code?  Please let us know (all OUESD staff participants will receive a coding button):

Last year, 100+ OUESD teachers and thousands of OUESD students participated in the Hour of Code.  Let’s see if we can beat that number this year and spread the Hour of Code even farther!