2018 National CUE Slide Decks

Right before Spring Break started, I had the honor of presenting at the National CUE Conference in Palm Springs.  It was amazing to be with nearly 7,000 other educators learning about and sharing technology!  About 200 educators came to my session and I was nervous!  J But it went really well and felt great to have Oakley represented “in the house” and “on the map”!

I compiled a list of links (six pages long!) to many great slide decks from the various CUE Conference presentations.  Take a look and explore!  Within each slide deck, you’ll find the presenter’s name and contact info.  If you have questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

Link:  2018 CUE Conference Presentation Slide Decks (partial list)


Spring CUE 2018

Slide Deck:  tinyurl.com/SpringCUE18

Add it to your Sched:  http://sched.co/Diog

14 Fall CUE Conference Tips!

I’m so excited for the CUE Conference tomorrow!   Tickets are still available- join the fun and add to the magic!!  I thought I’d share some tips that I learned last year-

1.It will be crowded (in a good way)!  🙂   If you’re attending with a group, swap cell numbers or create a group chat so you can all keep in touch to find each other.  Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave home!

2.  Manage the CUE schedule on your phone with Sched.  With the schedule right on your phone, it’s MUCH easier to navigate the conference (and this year they won’t have printed schedules).  Here’s how-

On your phone, go to http://www.cue.org/fall then click on “Schedule”.  Then click on “Fall Online Program Now Available”

You should see a pop up on your phone suggesting you save that page to your home screen (I’m not sure if the wording is the same on an Android phone?), but be sure to save it to your home screen.

SCHED is the website that handles the CUE Conference Schedule.  Create an account with SCHED (it’s different than your CUE account) so that you can note and keep track of the sessions you’d like to attend in advance.

3. Everyone should go to any session they’d like, but if you’re with a group, if at all possible, consider spreading out so you can “divide and conquer” the workshops.  Then your group can all swap info and maximize the learning.

4. Many of the presenters will post a link to their slide deck on the schedule (SCHED).  Be sure to check out the shared resources!

5. You don’t have to add a session to your schedule in order to go to it.  It does help the presenters get an idea of what to expect, but if you didn’t get a chance to add a session to your schedule, don’t let that stop you from attending.  At the same time, sessions can fill up, so arriving early may help!

6. There may not be enough seating to listen to the keynote speaker, so when the seats are gone, people can watch the keynote being televised in a separate room (follow the signs.)

7.  Lunch lines will form quickly!  When the session before lunch ends, try to get in the lunch line before using the restroom.  Otherwise you’ll have lines to use the restroom and then a longer line to get lunch!  If you’re with a group, pick a lunch time meeting spot in the morning if you plan to eat together.  But also consider taking the opportunity to eat with new friends and build networks!

8.  Be ready with your Twitter handle!  There will be LOTS of posts from CUE participants and some CUE presenters/participants may ask you for your Twitter handle.  It’s not a big deal if you don’t have one set up yet, but if you do, post with #cue  or #fallcue.    Don’t give them a personal Twitter handle, create a professional Twitter account and keep it edu-only.

9.  Meet with your affiliate branch (check the schedule!)   That’s a great time to meet other local techies and network!

10.  Don’t forget to ask for and save your receipt for the toll (if you take that route and are getting reimbursed).

11.  Wear comfortable shoes.  You may want to bring some money for the CUE store to pick up a CUE shirt, pen, etc…  Check out the store early because styles and sizes may run out!

12.  Bring a water bottle ( they won’t have bottled water available this year, but will have water filling stations).

13.  Be ready to leave feeling inspired, energized and exhausted!  There’s soooo much info and the energy is amazing!  Give yourself time to take it all in and digest it (let alone try to implement something).  One step at a time….

14.  And, of course, the biggest thing is to just have fun!!! See you there!!


Using Spreadsheets to Understand, Analyze and Organize Student Data
Sat, Oct. 28, 8:30-9:30am


Two ‘Must Use’ Effective and AWESOME Video Tools: Mystery Hangouts and FlipGrid
Sat, Oct. 28, 10:00-11:00am