How To Create Your Email Signature When Using Outlook on the Internet

How to Create Your Email Signature when using Outlook on the Internet

How To Add Your Profile Picture and Signature Line to your Email

Good morning!

This week, I’d like to share 2 Tech Tips on how ways to Personalize and Professionalize your Outlook emails!  Personalize your email by adding your profile picture and professionalize it by adding your signature line (this pops up automatically at the bottom of your email to let others know your name, position, and contact info).


Personalize:  How to Add a Picture to Your Outlook Email (new server) (2:20)

ProfessionalizeHow to Add a Signature Line to Your Emails Using the Outlook App (3 min, 36 seconds)

Professionalize:  How to Add a Signature Line Using the Outlook on the Internet (.pdf)