Google Drive Tip: Organize Your Files

When you create a new Google file (Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, Drawing, etc.), here’s a tip for a good habit to get into-

1. Title the file and then click on the folder that appears after you’ve titled it.

2. You’ll see where the file is currently located.  If you want to move it to a different folder, click on “Move this item” and navigate to the preferred folder.

It may take some practice to get into the habit of doing this when you create and title a file, but it will save you some time down the road by keeping your files organized from the start!

AND… if you find that already have lots of files in your Drive that you’d like to move into folders, this is a great way to do it!


Google Drive Tip: Save One File in Multiple Folders AND View Edits in All Locations

Can’t Decide Which Folder?  Save 1 File in Multiple Folders AND Still View Edits in ALL Locations!

Have you ever needed to save a file but you weren’t sure which folder in which to save it?  Most people think that you have to decide on one folder, but actually, you can save the same file in several folders!  The best part is that when you edit the file (in any of its locations), it will be updated in all of the locations (because it’s still one file, it’s only accessible in multiple locations).

Here’s how~

In your Google Drive, upload or create and save a file (it can be any type of file currently located anywhere in Google Drive).

1. Click once on the file to select it (don’t click twice to open it).

2. Use the shortcut key combo Shift + Z (hold down the shift key and then press the Z key).

3. Click on the arrow to the right of “My Drive”

4. Navigate to and select the folder you’d like to save the file in, and then click “Add”.

5.  Repeat steps 1-4 to save in multiple folders

You will now see the file in any of the folders you saved it in.  And anything you do the file from any location (including deleting it),  will be updated when viewed from any of the folders.

Remember, you are NOT creating multiple copies of the file.  You are just creating multiple access points to the same file.  So cool!!

Sneak Peak: Reuse and Update Google Classroom Posts/Assignments by Alice Keeler

Just in case you’re wondering how archiving a current Google Classroom will help you out in the upcoming school year, here’s an article by Alice Keeler that explains how to reuse posts from year to year in Google Classroom (read it for fun now if you’d like, and then bookmark it so you can use these tips in August).  Be sure to archive your classes this year (don’t delete them!) so that you can reuse posts and assignments.  Here’s how~

Reuse and Update Google Classroom Posts and Assignments by Alice Keeler