How To Force A Copy on Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drawings

Sometimes, you may just want to quickly share a file with the class (maybe a template or a chart?) and make sure each student has their own copy.  So you send out the link and ask the students to go to File –> Make a Copy, but inevitably there’s always a few who miss that step and then suddenly you have several students editing the original file!

You can prevent all of that with this easy trick to force all users to make a copy of the Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Drawing before they access it (and it will automatically be saved to their Drive!). These directions will show you how to do that in just 6 steps~

How To Force a Copy in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets or Drawings

You could also do this by creating an assignment through Google Classroom (and make a copy for each student), but this tip is perfect for those time that you don’t want to go through Google Classroom and you just need a quick way to get the job done!

New Tech Adventure: Google Sheets!

Check out the latest Tech Adventures to be released:  Google Sheets!

For this Adventure, you’re not required to show your students how to use it (although there are bonus points if you do!), but you’ll need to set aside 20-30 minutes to complete each of the first two levels (and just a few minutes for the Master Guide level).

As always, please email me if you find any errors (there are a lot of little parts to creating these and I almost always forget something!).  Thanks!