Create a Song in Google’s Music Lab!

Tech + Music = Google’s Music Lab!

Be sure to check out Google’s Music Lab and their latest addition, Song Maker!

This brief video (1:37) shares an into to Song Maker and how easy it is to get started!  Without logging in or creating any accounts, anyone can create music!  It can be done on just about any device and is pretty cool (especially as a stress-free, creative activity in the afternoon after morning SBAC testing)!  Students are given the option to save their work, but it automatically saves to a “” URL, which isn’t accessible in the district (for security reasons).  So, just have fun in the moment and don’t worry about saving anything.  Try it!

Check out CopyComments in Classroom!

Super cool… check this out!

Previously, I emailed that comments are now included when we share Google Docs and Slides with students.  However, the comments did not appear when assigning Docs and Slides through Google Classroom.  Until now…

Now, we can create a Google Doc or Slide with comments (perhaps to clarify directions, share reminders of group roles, or just to respond to student work) that “stick” with the Doc or Slide when shared via Google Classroom.

Click HERE for a detailed video (4 minutes) from NovaLearn explaining the process

It works because of a Google Chrome Extension called CopyComments for Classroom, which you’ll find to the right of the address bar/Omnibox when logged into your OUESD Google account using the Chrome browser (or on a Chromebook).  It looks like this:


Where’s Waldo? In Google Maps!!

He’s playing around on Google Maps, but just for this week only!!  As part of this year’s April Fool’s fun, Google has modified Google Maps ( to include a search for Waldo and four of his friends all around the world!

Students will have fun sprucing up their geography skills while also practicing their mouse skills and paying close attention to details.  What’s not to love about Waldo?  Good luck!