Sneak Peak: Reuse and Update Google Classroom Posts/Assignments by Alice Keeler

Just in case you’re wondering how archiving a current Google Classroom will help you out in the upcoming school year, here’s an article by Alice Keeler that explains how to reuse posts from year to year in Google Classroom (read it for fun now if you’d like, and then bookmark it so you can use these tips in August).  Be sure to archive your classes this year (don’t delete them!) so that you can reuse posts and assignments.  Here’s how~

Reuse and Update Google Classroom Posts and Assignments by Alice Keeler

3 Things to Wrap Up Google Classroom by Alice Keeler

Here is another article with some great tips to wrap up Google Classroom before leaving for the summer.  This one is by Alice Keeler and is worth checking out too!

3 Things To Wrap Up Google Classroom 

6 End-Of-Year Google Classroom Clean Up Tips by Eric Curts

Looking for some tips on how to “close down and pack up” your Google Classrooms?  I had started writing some directions when this fabulous post came out from the amazing Eric Curts (so why reinvent the wheel?).  He’s covered it all (with screenshots too!), so be sure to check it out~

End-Of-Year Google Classroom Clean-Up