PledgeCents Makes Sense- Sign Up for a FREE account (code: cwhitmire327)

Have you wondered if there is an alternative to Donor’s Choose?  Well, there is!  The company is called PledgeCents and was recommended by another teacher in the County Tech Subcommittee who had used it before.  The cool thing about PledgeCents is that the funds are sent to the district and the teacher receives all of the money raised (minus their 3% fee, which is less than Donor’s Choose) regardless of whether your project was fully funded or not.  AND you can spend your project in a variety of ways (not only from the approved vendors at Donor’s Choose).  Also, they don’t use a point system.

They are fairly new and trying to get the word out, so right now, PledgeCents will donate $1.00 to my project for every teacher, school employee, or PTA/parent who creates an account with my code (cwhitmire327).  That’s it!  You don’t need to create a project or do anything else- in fact, you could just create an account, sign out, and never think about it again!  But you would be helping to fund a project for our district and we would be so grateful!!!

Please consider creating a free account at PledgeCents with my code (cwhitmire327).  Here’s how:

In case you’re wondering what my project is, I’m currently raising funds to host the first OUESD Kids’ Coding Symposium in the Spring- a tech conference by and for elementary students! The breakout sessions will be led by specially trained 5th and 8th grade girls, demonstrating that girls have a meaningful place in computer science as tech leaders!  We’ll also be emphasizing accomplishments made my women in the STEM fields.

I’m hoping to raise enough funds to purchase at least 18 Sphero robots, 18 Makey Makeys, and any other hands-on tech tools I can get (as well lunch and some “swag” for the symposium participants, like stickers, t-shirts, etc.).   Find out more about the Kid’s Coding Symposium here and please spread the word!   This is my Google Innovator project and it’s exciting to see it starting to come together!

Thank you for your help!  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Christina Whitmire
District Ed Tech ToSA, OUESD
Twitter:  @EdTechChristina

EdTech Conferences- You’re Invited!!

The winter season brings a lot of Ed Tech Conferences and this year is no exception!  Ed Tech Conferences are GREAT and many are easy to attend (they’re FREE and on Saturdays or online)!  There are always lots of great ideas, info and tips!  Best of all conferences are a great way to meet incredible people outside of our district and build professional networks!  It’s always fun to realize how many people want to hear about OUESD and the amazing things happening in our classrooms!  Conferences are optional and of course there’s no pressure to attend.  But I’ve never regretted attending one!

While we’re talking about conferences, consider these FREE events coming soon~


FREE Digital Summit Starting Dec. 15!

Matt Miller, author of Ditch that Textbook, is hosting a free, digital summit (nine video presentations).  Every day between Dec. 15 and Dec. 23, new presentations by incredible speakers will be released and will remain available until Dec. 31.  For more info or to register, go to  They’ll even be giving away two Chromebooks (they’re Acers, but would still be great for personal use)!    If you’d like to see last year’s presentations, they are now available for a short time!


Building Pathways to Teaching Computer Science
Date: Saturday, December 16th, 2017
Time: 10am PST
How to Join: Watch the live event on the Google for Education on YouTube channel.
What:  A Google online summit with computer science education leaders and professional development providers.


**REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY (and will fill fast!)**
2nd Annual Contra CCCOE EdCamp
Date:  Saturday, January 27, 2018 (8:00am-3:00pm)
Check out their website for more info:
By the way– the County contacted me directly to request that many OUESD teachers attend and represent East County!  They have heard about the awesome tech lessons in your classrooms and would love to meet you!  I’ll be there- please join me!  J

3rd Annual STEM & Edtech Symposium  **REGISTRATION ALREADY OPEN**
by MDUSD, the Andeavor Foundation, and East Bay CUE
Date:  Saturday, Feb. 25
Time:  8am-4pm
Location:  Valley View Middle School, Pleasant Hill
More Info and Register HERE

Use Plickers to Gauge Student Engagement!

For those teachers who use Plickers, check out this new twist~  Plicker cards to gauge student engagement!  During lessons or anytime throughout the day, ask students to hold up their card showing how they’re feeling.  You can either print these cards (created by Chris Young), or just draw the emojis/faces on the cards you’re already using!