OUESD Tech Adventures Challenge BEGINS!

Don’t forget to join us “on the trail” with the OUESD Tech Adventure ChallengeClick this link for directions (and the class code) on how to get started.  Many staff members have already started and you’re invited too (it’s optional, but it’s worth it!)!!  Get started learning and earning XP, badges, points and prizes today!  🙂

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Kids Look Back At Some “Older” Technology

As another year comes to an end, I thought it might be fun to think about how far technology has advanced.  Take a look at this short Dateline video asking young kids to identify “older” technology (I love how one of them tries to “click dial” on a rotary phone!).  I’ve removed it from all other websites, so this is just the two-minute video (it may be fun to show your students too!)

Kids Looking Back At Old Technology


I can’t wait to see the technology of the future!  🙂

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Ozobots are HERE!

If your students would like to continue and/or extend their coding skills, sign up for an Ozobot lesson!  I’d love to come to your classroom with 16 Ozobots (mini robots) and teach the students how to program with them!  It can be done in student pairs with coding on paper (perfect for younger grades) or coding on the computer (perfect for all grades), and you can sign up for one or both lessons!  Each lesson is about an hour and so far the students are loving it!  Check out the possibilities at www.ozobot.com and then sign up (I’m only able to give a limited number of Ozobot lessons per week, but I won’t stop until I’ve visited every classroom on sign-up calendar!)  🙂

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