OUESD Was In the House!!!

Super BIG thanks to everyone who went to the STEM & EdTech Symposium on Saturday!   We had a really great time (and four raffle prize winners!)!  I’ll continue to share information about upcoming conferences, so stay tuned for  more!  And for those who couldn’t make it, I’ll be sharing a link to many of the presentations from the Symposium soon.

Pictured (left to right):  Christina Whitmire,  Norma Marin, Shirley Payne, Sheri Guel, Anastasia Billings, Alicia Woelffer, Laura Lasnier, Suanne Schlotman, Kim Vowels, Meredith Dean and (not pictured) Annette Chandler, Lilian Fortney, Brigette Vinding

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Integrate: Advance Searches in Google Drive

It’s powerful to show students effective search tools.  At this time of year, students may have a lot of files in their Google Drive.

Here are some tips to show students how to search within their “My Drive” to find the files they’re looking for quickly (and they work for teachers too!)

Tips to refine a search in Google Drive (please note that not all examples work on all devices, but should work on Chromebooks):

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Just a Little More: How to Say “Hello” in 100+ Languages

There are a lot of AMAZING kindness projects and programs happening in our district right now!  Here’s a site you may want to project to your class that shows how to say “hello” in more than 100 languages!


Sabaidee everyone!  🙂

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