Kahoot!…Our Newest OUESD Tech Adventure!

Get ready for our newest OUESD Tech Adventure….

Kahoot is a fun, engaging way for classes to preview/review lessons, practice drill questions, test prep, and more!  It’s also great for brain breaks, extra minutes at the end of the day, or anytime your class needs some “bonding” time.  It sort of feels like a game show and the kids LOVE it!

It’s super easy for teachers to create a Kahoot game to align with their curriculum or use one of the thousands of pre-made games shared by other teachers and users from all over the world.  Students do not need accounts and Kahoot! integrates nicely into Google Classroom.

Students can respond to questions in groups (great for classes with 6 Chromebooks), individually (great for classes with 1:1 Chromebooks) or even as “whole class vs. the teacher” (great for classes with just 1 device).

If you’re looking for an exciting way to jazz up your lessons, check out Kahoot!  You can either explore it on your own at www.kahoot.com or take a guided tour on the trail of the newest OUESD Tech Adventure!  If you’re new to the OUESD Tech Adventures, start here.

This Adventures does not take long to complete and includes a Kahoot digital and physical badge!

OR if you’d like me to come to your class to demonstrate Kahoot in action, just sign up for your preferred date/time and I’ll be there (select the yellow dot, “Web 2.0 Tools).   Side note:  you’d be able to earn the Kahoot! Adventure badge during this short demo!

*A sneak preview of all upcoming Adventures can be seen in the Web 2.0 Tools folder on the Tech Adventures “trail”.

Geo Tools- Let’s Explore!

Thank you to all of the teachers who invited me into their classrooms to explore our Google Geo Tools:   Kelly Torres (LES), Julie Swan (VES), Alyssa Trop (LES), Katherine Johnson (DVS), Sharelle Dalida (OPS), Sara Lacaba (VES), Stephanie Cookson (GES), Janice Chrobak (AGS),  Sue Grandin (LES) and Amanda Merrill (VES).  Amanda’s students got to see my FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) so they also saw my persistence when I returned the next day!  🙂

We had fun with Mystery Hangouts (video chat puzzle with other classes around the world), Mystery FlipGrids, Virtual Tours/Expeditions (including Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, the depths of several oceans, the International Space Station, and more!), created digital maps (CA Regions), took 360˚ pictures, completed an Amazing Race Breakout, and more!

If you’d like to explore Google Geo Tools, I’d love to come to your class too!  I’ve worked out most of the kinks (knock on wood!), but can help support your curriculum in many ways.  Email me for more info or sign up for your preferred date/time (select the green dot, “Geo Tools”) and I’ll be there!

Flip for FlipGrid!

FlipGrid is one of the biggest tech tools in education right now and for good reason- it’s amazing!  It’s easy to use, can be used by all grade levels, all subjects, all devices (1:1 or just 1 for the whole classroom) and, most importantly, gives a voice to all students!  Think “video post it notes and conversations”.  Teachers can create a topic or question and students can respond (and then respond to each other) via very short video posts.  Students do not need an account, just the teacher.  There is a free version and a paid version, but the free version works GREAT  (if you really want to check out the paid version, email me for a promo code for one free month). Teachers can (and should) set a password for their grid and moderate videos (step by step directions for all settings can be found on our FlipGrid Adventures Challenge- check them out, even if you decide not to earn the badge).

How can FlipGrid be used in the classroom?

-Start of year introductions/goal setting/favorite thing about summer
-Mystery Grid (Mystery Hangout + FlipGrid)= ASK ME!
-Student reactions/comprehension/questions from selected readings/homework
-Students reteach math lesson (great reference for students who are absent)!
-Gratitude Grids (we have one for OUESD going already!)
-School wide teacher and staff introductions for all students and families
-A fantastic way for ALL students to contribute to classroom discussions
-And more!!

-On a personal note, I recently shared FlipGrid with my brother.  He’s disabled and can’t read, so he’s always felt left out of the “texting and email world”.  However, he LOVES FlipGrid and now he can send short, private video notes to my family and we communicate like never before!  I recommend FlipGrid for everyone, but can be a game changer for non-readers!

Check it all and get started with the new FlipGrid badge in the OUESD Tech Adventures Challenge or explore on your own at FlipGrid.com.  And don’t forget, I’m more than happy to visit your classroom and help you get a FlipGrid up and running with your students- just click here to pick a date/time and I’m there!