Google April Fool’s Fun Has Started!

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying your break!  I have so much to share with you when we return, but I just had to share this now before time runs out!

What:  Google’s Annual April Fool’s Day “Prank” has just started!!!

What is it this year:  Ms. Pac-Man!  (Pac-Man was a BIG hit a couple of years ago with our students- such a bummer we don’t have school on April 1 this year!!  L)

Where:  Go to Google maps ( and look in the lower, left corner (near the Google Earth button)

What is it?  You can play Ms. Pac-Man on the streets of Google Maps!  In front of your house, on the streets of Paris, anywhere!  Click on the Pacman board, follow the directions, and go!

When does it end?  Google usually only does this for a day or so before and after April 1, so enjoy with your families!  But check when we return to school on Monday- there’s a small chance it will still be there.

AND, don’t forget to check out other “pranks” by big tech companies (they’re almost always nice pranks, but sometimes they do go rogue!)!  It’s one of the biggest, most fun, “tech geek” days of the year!  I love it!!  LOL!!!

Have fun!

Easily Add Standards To Your Google Doc Lesson Plan (or Common Feedback Comments to Student Work!)

I love this idea by Juli Boucher at Flipped Technology Coaching!  It’s another cool example of how to merge notes in Keep (for example, CCSS) into your Google Docs (Lesson Plans).

She also mentions that Eric Curts tweeted that this same concept could be used to easily add common feedback comments (kept in Google Keep) onto student work (Docs, Slides, anything!).  LOVE that too!!!

Take a look at how it’s done (in less than 3 minutes)~

MashUp-Google Keep with Google Docs: Adding Standards to Your Google Doc Lesson Plans

Google Science Fair (for ages 13-18)!

Attention all Middle School Teachers:

The Google Science Fair is a global online science and engineering competition open to individuals and teams from ages 13 to 18. Submit a science or engineering project and win unbelievable prizes.

For info: To sign up for fun and free resources kits for your classroom or school, visit their website

Deadline: May 17

Fee: Free