Celebrate Pi Day (3.14)

Celebrate Pi Day (3/14)

KahootPi Day Trivia Game

Did you know that physicist Albert Einstein was born on 3.14 (in 1879)?

So was Simone Biles (gymnast), Steph Curry (pro basketball player), Lucy Hobbs Taylor (1st US woman dentist in 1833), and Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream)

How to type the Pi symbol on a Chromebook:

While in Google Docs:

Option 1:

Click on “Insert” from the menu bar, then “Special Characters”
Using the arrows, select “Symbol” and “Math Alphanumeric” (or type “pi” in the search box)
Then scroll to the Greek letters and find the Pi symbol (𝝿), and click on it

Option 2:
Ctrl+Shift+U then input 03A0 and hit space for uppercase: Π
Ctrl+Shift+U then input 03C0 and hit space for lowercase: π

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Ed Tech Presentations- Check These Out!

Be sure to check out these links to presentations made by and for teachers on a variety of topics!  They are from two recent Ed Tech Conferences and include some really great ideas here!

STEM & EdTech Symposium (Feb. 24 in Pleasant Hill)

EdTech Camp On Air (March 4, an online, global conference)


Some examples:

Personalize Learning:  How to Make a Digital Springboard (Tashman)  *Great for students to keep all of their links in one, easy-to-access place!

Choose Your Own Adventure:  Using Storytelling and Google Slides to Teach Conservation (Maneja)

Using Google Slides for Documentation in the Kindergarten Classroom:  VideoSlides & Resources (Wolfstadt)

Going from Paper-More to Paper-Less:  Digitizing, Organizing, and Storing Student Work:  Video, Slides & Resources (Alan)

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