How To Set Up the Caps Lock function on a Chromebook

Today, let’s take a closer look Caps Lock key on a Chromebook and how to correctly type a capital letter (on any device)~


“Help!  I want my Caps Lock key back on my Chromebook!!”

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Q:  How do I type a single, capital letter on any device (you might be surprised how many of us incorrectly use Caps Lock to type a single capital letter)?

A:  To make a capital letter, hold the shift key with your pinky finger while clicking a letter key.  There are two shift keys.  Use your left pinky to hold the shift key if the capital letter you want is on the right side of the keyboard (use your right hand to click on the letter), and use your right pinky to hold the shift key if the capital letter you want is on the left side of the keyboard (then use your left hand to click on the letter).

Check out this typing lesson on how to type a capital letter-

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Helpful FAQs for the OUESD Tech Adventures Challenge

Want to learn more about Google?  Have fun in this gamified, “on demand” training while you earn points for badges, small prizes and extra prep time!

OUESD Ed Tech Adventures Challenge FAQs

Wow!   73 badges have already been earned!!  Keep going!


Q:  What do I do?  How does this work?

Log into your account

A:  Read the Adventure Guide (directions) for each Google Application.

In general, within each Adventure (Google Application), you’ll learn more about Google and earn points as you level up and advance~

  • Explorer Level:  Learning more about a Google Application just for yourself (to explore and have fun!)
  • Conqueror Level:  Sharing a Google Application with another colleague or your class
  • Master Guide Level:  Integrating the Google Application into the curriculum and showing students how to use the Google Application
  • Master Guide Checkpoint:  Answer at least 12/15 questions correctly (retake as many times as you’d like)
  • Earn Xtra Bonus points by commenting on other people’s posts (let’s cheer each other on!)


  • Earn Xtra Bonus points by helping others “get on the trail” and complete Adventures (it’s all about teamwork!)


Q:  How do I get started?

AFollow these directions to sign up with your OUESD email address and get started today!  Have fun!


Q:  How do I know what I’ve completed?

A:  Look on your Grade Report to find out what you’ve completed and the points you’ve received (and an explanation of how to earn complete points if something was missing in your post).  If you think an error has been made, please just email me!

How to See What You’ve Completed in the OUESD Tech Adventure Challenge


Q:  How do I know if you’ve seen my posts?

A:  When I read a post, I click on the “Like” button and a happy face shows.  Other people may also click on the “Like” button after reading your post too, so if you click on the happy face, you’ll see a list of everyone who has “Liked” your post.  If you don’t see a “Like” from me, then I haven’t seen it yet.  Be sure to look at your Grade Report for notes about missing work.


Q:  How often to you look at our posts?

A:  I look at posts and distribute points at least once a day (often more!)


Q:  How do I get my badges and prizes?

A: Once you’ve completed an Adventure, don’t forget to submit your request for your badge (the link is found at the bottom of the list within each Adventure!  That’s they only way I’ll know you’re done and can then work on making your badge!

Points are tabulated and the Leaderboards are (usually) updated on Thursday evenings.  On Tuesday, I give the badges and certificates earned the previous week to Kathy Kruse.  She gives them to the Principals at their weekly meeting and then each Principal will deliver the badges and prizes to you!



Q:  How do I turn off all of those Notifications in Schoology?

A:  How to Turn Off or Adjust Schoology Notifications


Q:  I’m a TK/K/1st Grade Teacher OR I don’t have students, can I still participate?

A:  Yes!  Please do!  The Master Guide Levels within each adventure are differentiated to be appropriate for everyone (including teachers of our youngest kiddos and staff members without students).  Everyone is welcome to “jump on the trail”  If you have any questions or feel that a task doesn’t apply to your position, just let me know!


Q:  Do I have to have a class set of Chromebooks to show my students how to use Google?

A:  Nope!  Students can use their Google accounts anywhere- in the computer lab as a whole class, or with Chromebooks individually, in small groups, 2:1, or whole class (if other Chromebooks are borrowed).  Staff can use their Google Account on their Chromebook (with or without a connection to a projector), on their desktop or laptop in their classroom, or on any desktop in any computer lab.


Q:  Is this required?

A:  Nope, it’s optional (although we hope you’ll join us!).  When we can show evidence that we’re learning and using technology with our students (and, even more importantly, that our students are befitting from it), it gives “weight” to our requests for more devices and training!


Q:  I have more questions!  🙂

A:  Great!   Just email me!  🙂


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How To Connect Your Chromebook to your Projector and Adjust the Monitor Settings

Let’s talk about Chromebook Settings:

How to Connect Your Chromebook to Your Projector and Adjust the Monitor Display

(OUESD:  If you need a cord to connect it, please email me and let me know your projector’s make and model)

How to Connect Your Chromebook to Your Projector and Adjust the Monitor Display

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