Minecraft Joins the Hour of Code!

Hour of Code (HOC) Update

Just this morning, Code.org, Microsoft and Mojang announced the all-new 2016 Minecraft Hour of Code Designer, a tutorial that lets students code their own Minecraft rules. This year, students can use code to control how animals and other Minecraft creatures behave—they can create a totally unique Minecraft experience, and then share it with friends or play it on their phones!  It is recommended for 2nd graders and older.

The new tutorial begins in a Minecraft world where sheep don’t move, the chickens don’t cluck, and nothing attacks: it’s a blank slate without movement or defined action. Over the course of an hour, students will bring this world to life using computer science. At the final level, they get to define the rules of Minecraft however they wish. If they want, the cows can lay eggs, sheep can explode, and zombies can run away from players!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates as the Hour of Code approaches!

Have you signed up to participate in the Hour of Code this year?  It’s not too late!  Sign Up Here or email me if you have any questions at all!

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