Use QR Codes With A Google Folder (Great for Open House!)

Ideas For Using QR Codes At Open House!

  • Use QR Codes to create a classroom (or school!) scavenger hunt. Place QR Codes around the classroom (or school) that connect to information about that location (“Here’s Our Reading Corner!”  “Here’s our Science Center!”  “Look at these pictures of students working!  Can you guess what they are working on here?”).  QR Codes can connect to folders full of Docs, pictures, videos, maps, and more!
  • Use individual QR Codes to connect to student work folders
  • Use QR Codes to connect to a folder with classroom resources, policies, newsletters, wish lists

Check out these Step By Step Directions on how to share a Google Folder with your classroom parents via a QR code!

QR Codes – The What, How, and How to Use in the Classroom!

If you’re looking for something new… be sure to check out all of the cool things you can do with QR Codes in the Classroom!! 

What is a QR Code?  It’s a “Quick Response” code that a user can scan with a web cam or phone to go immediately to a website, video, Google Doc, or more!  It’s especially handy in the classroom and you might be surprised how easy it is to create and scan QR Codes on a Chromebook or any computer with a camera.

Here’s a handy QR Code Cheat Sheet that walks you through the steps of creating and scanning a QR Code (using Web QR), plus 22 ideas about how to use QR Codes in the classroom.  Check it out and get a jump start on using QR Codes (keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-released QR Code Tech Adventure!)


QR Code Cheat Sheet and 22 Ideas for the Classroom