Create a Looping Slideshow with Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an awesome presentation tool and can also display a looping slideshow.  Check out these step-by-step directions for how to do that~

How to Create a Looping Slideshow with Microsoft PowerPoint

Create a Looping Photo Slideshow in Windows 7

Here’s an other quick and simple way to create a looping, photo slideshow if you are using a Windows 7 device.

How to Make a Looping, Photo Slideshow with your Windows 7 Software

How To Access Your OUESD Email Away From School

Just a reminder- here’s how to access OUESD email when you’re away from school (this may come in handy with summer break approaching!)  🙂

Your OUESD email is accessible on any browser (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on any internet-connect device (Chromebook, laptop, desktop, smart phone) from any location (on campus, off campus) by following these directions~

How to Access Your OUESD Email When Away From School