How To Create Your Email Signature When Using Outlook on the Internet

How to Create Your Email Signature when using Outlook on the Internet

How to Delete Your Deleted Emails (Empty the Trash Can)

Good morning!

I had a request to talk about deleting emails and “emptying the trash can”  (or deleting all the deleted emails).  It is important to delete your “Deleted Items” folder frequently because viruses or other malware could be lurking (and when any email folder gets too large, it can start causing wonky things to happen in Outlook).

How to Delete Email and Empty the Deleted Items Folder (3:17)

If you prefer, you can also adjust your Outlook settings so that the Deleted Items folder will delete automatically every time you exit out of Outlook (if you want to save emails in case you need them later, create a new folder and save trusted emails there).  Here’s how:

With Outlook open,

Go to File  –>Options –>Advanced

Then check this box, and click “OK”

Everything You Need To Know About Outlook Calendar Invites


Good morning!  I’ve received several requests for some short video clips about Outlook Calendar invites, so let’s take a look~


How to Create Calendar Invites (5:08)

  • Great for setting up meetings or appointments with others
  • Reduce the amount of emails going back and forth when trying to find a meeting time available to all


How to Accept (or Decline) Calendar Invites (3:39)

  • Great for letting the meeting organizer know if you will be attending or declining their meeting invitation
  • The meeting info will automatically be added to your Outlook calendar


How to See Who Has Accepted (or Declined) your Calendar Invites (2:38)

  • As the meeting organizer, see who has accepted or declined your invite
  • Great way to plan accurately (correct amount of meeting supplies, ensure meeting space is large enough) based on number of accepted invites


How to Turn Any Email Into a Calendar Item or Invite (1:59)

  • Great for turning any email into a calendar item (set reminders for yourself!)
  • Great for turning any email into a calendar invite (invite others to a meeting regarding the info contained in an email)

(I’m excited about this one because I made a mistake while recording- and mistakes can be good sometimes!  Instead of re-recording, I learned how to add a speech bubble with the correct info!  I’ll show that tip another Tuesday!)