Save Time with Alt+ Tab!

Have a lot of windows open and you’d like to switch easily among them?  Try this keyboard shortcut:

Holding the Alt + Tab keys will allow you to see all of your open windows and quickly select one.  It’s a great time saver!

Check out CopyComments in Classroom!

Super cool… check this out!

Previously, I emailed that comments are now included when we share Google Docs and Slides with students.  However, the comments did not appear when assigning Docs and Slides through Google Classroom.  Until now…

Now, we can create a Google Doc or Slide with comments (perhaps to clarify directions, share reminders of group roles, or just to respond to student work) that “stick” with the Doc or Slide when shared via Google Classroom.

Click HERE for a detailed video (4 minutes) from NovaLearn explaining the process

It works because of a Google Chrome Extension called CopyComments for Classroom, which you’ll find to the right of the address bar/Omnibox when logged into your OUESD Google account using the Chrome browser (or on a Chromebook).  It looks like this:


Celebrate Pi Day (3.14)

Celebrate Pi Day (3/14)

KahootPi Day Trivia Game

Did you know that physicist Albert Einstein was born on 3.14 (in 1879)?

So was Simone Biles (gymnast), Steph Curry (pro basketball player), Lucy Hobbs Taylor (1st US woman dentist in 1833), and Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream)

How to type the Pi symbol on a Chromebook:

While in Google Docs:

Option 1:

Click on “Insert” from the menu bar, then “Special Characters”
Using the arrows, select “Symbol” and “Math Alphanumeric” (or type “pi” in the search box)
Then scroll to the Greek letters and find the Pi symbol (𝝿), and click on it

Option 2:
Ctrl+Shift+U then input 03A0 and hit space for uppercase: Π
Ctrl+Shift+U then input 03C0 and hit space for lowercase: π